Join us on February 1st, 2020.

A special thanks to our sponsors on making our event happen! Please give these businesses your appreciation:
Edmunds and Company, Bremer Bank, Washburn Hardware and Sport, Madeline Island Ferry Line and Ann & Donn Christensen.

If you want to see a little of what it is like, see the video below, created by Dave Doering of SunridgePictures.

Again in 2020, the High School Racers will have their own start.  The coaches have requested a 7k Classic Race for the High School Racers.

We have a 10 km Classic Race.  This race will start out the first 1.5 km with the skate race, but then turns off onto it’s own course. This course will take you on some scenic classic only trails. This course should be much more novice friendly than the Skate Race Course, although it still joins for the last short downhill with a sharp corner at the bottom.

We will hold a 21 km Pursuit Race. This will be a world cup style pursuit. This means you will ski the 10 km classic course, come to a transition area (where you will have set out your skating equipment), change gear quickly (the time is running), then head out on the 11 km skate course. Most people that do this style pursuit use combi boots, and just change skis and poles. We don’t care though, if you want to take the time and change boots that is your choice.

Just to keep it clear, those that want to do the 11 km skate race, you can still do that as well. The 11 km skate race will follow a similar course to past years.

We will still have the 3.5 km Middle School Race. This is a great race for middle school racers.

And lastly, we will still have the .5 km kids race (this is a non-timed event for those 8 and under).